I heard they came out with these Ryzen things...

Nothing too exciting but I finally left the DDR3/FX era since all the Ryzen SKUs have been on various sales everywhere.

Went with a 2600x + cheap ASRock Pro4 mobo + 16gb of 3200.

But. Still riding the ol R9 380 so not really much of an upgrade as far as gaming goes. I don’t play any MMO or CPU heavy game I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe I’ll notice it in some on my racing sims. Or I can always rock out on some Minecraft with my ultrawide and really push that CPU! :eyes: :eyes:


Nice, that will be a solid upgrade for you. I think you will see a slight difference, especially in multi-tasking.

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Fo sho with the multitasking. Same as with buying the ultrawide my supposed motivation was for productivity. I’m happy! Coughing up for the RAM at this peak of the price gouging is the only thing that stung. But I made it up on the mobo and CPU.

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Yeah, RAM prices have only been going up. It stinks.

Truth. I want 32 GB!

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Tell people they dont need a new smartphone every year with 4 gb of ram and then maybe we can buy some for a moderate price :smiley:

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My smartphone has 6 gigs and I need more. MOREEEE