I just got the best phone of my life!!!


i never used this kind of expensive high end phone. actually i never even used anything close to that. So my Aunt decided to gift it to me and i just got it last night. its amazing guys !!


Nice! Having a fast phone is awesome.

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Noice! I cried like a baby when I bought my Note 9.

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Very nice, not as good as yours but when I got my Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro I felt more alive then ever considering I dropped a LG Rebel lol

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More advanced than mine.



I got a LG lg329g myself. I’m pretty fancy. :face_with_monocle:

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I’m using Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. It has everything I need and it’s a great bang for bucks phone. My favourite thing about this phone is stock Android One OS on it. No bloatware or other crap.


on that price range Xiaomi phones are amazing i had redmi note 4x. used it only 5 months cause i was robbed -_-


Once I get a vehicle and I am out and about more I may get a smart phone, but for now just calling and texting is fine. I can go online with it if I do not mind waiting 20 minutes for something to upload. I told my GF if ever I do decide to get a smart phone I am going to just save up and get whatever Samsung’s best phone is at the time.

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Before my debacle, I had an s8 active (only thing I cared about was 4000 mah battery). Now I’m just going to wipe it and get one of the s10 phone from my provider.

But I do know what you mean jumping from bitch tier phone to top tier phone! : ] Feels good! My first good one was s7 edge. I was late to the smart phone game, but my first phone was an s5 when it was already dated…smart phone anyway.


The S10 is nice. I have only two complaints about Samsung:

  • They are trash about updating. I have an unlocked phone and just got the April 1st security update on May 15th. At least I get monthly updates?
  • I really hate the extra shit they install. The good news is most of it can be removed and some of the extra stuff is pretty awesome.

And modern android allows you to take away all permissions from bloatware so it can’t run. No need to root, just enslave. lol

Also, Samsung has the best notch situation…no notch. lol

Apple, Google, LG… notch rape.


Yeah, that was an awesome change. I think Q is adding more permissions.

The S10+ (which I have) has the little cutout. It isn’t as annoying as the giga-notch on some phones, plus wallpapers creatively use the notch slot now. https://www.reddit.com/r/S10wallpapers/


From what I looked up it’s just a hole punch really… not a literal bite out of the screen.




Having gone from a LG Rebel to a Samsung Galaxy J3 It felt amazing!