I keep bleeding money and

my wife just laughs. I mean what the heck is wrong with her, isn’t she supposed to temper my spending? I mean excluding yesterdays expense, we just spent 9K for us to fly to Nova Scotia and some house repairs to deal with her brothers death, then from there flew to Fort St John (northern British Columbia… a 14 hour drive from home) to deal with her sisters death (long story short, her brother died, she called her sister to make travel plans with her and her sister had a heart attack while on the phone).

Then when we got home we came to discover that our sewer line had collapsed and had to be replaced from house to street. Shitty, I know.

And this brings us up to date, where an item I had often looked at came on sale (sarcam) thanks black friday (/sarcasm).

The item in question is the Asus PG348Q (almost went with the PG35VQ but that would have been just plain stupid). I found it for less than half price and had no choice. :slight_smile: I had some mental qualms about leaving my 4k monitor behind, but once I installed this and set it up that all disappeared faster than a Ding Dong at a Jenny Craig meeting.

Some might wonder about the only 100Hz rate, but after comparing a lot of 144 to 100 I honestly can say that my eyes can only occasionally see the difference… for the few hundred it would cost to go to 144Hz and not see the difference… I am very happy with this choice wish I had done it sooner.

I think I may be done spending for now… maybe in June or July if the 3080 ti (?) is out, I may upgrade my 1080 ti. Well having said that a thought popped into my head… why not change out the last remaining hdd with an ssd?

Dang it anyhow… (walks away from podium calling for my wife).


Dude, sorry for all of the family tragedies… my goodness

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Dang, sorry for the family issues :cry:

Nice upgrade though! Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

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Sorry to hear about all going on in your family, that has to be pretty rough.

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Oh my your still with us! 4 months with out seeing a post from you was starting to think you didnt wuv us no more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shoulder surgery has kept me away from much gaming. I have been having a very hard time of recovery, this being the second surgery on that shoulder. The surgery was June 7th and they did not even start PT for me until last month so I am not doing well with it. I finally get in the mood and shoulder feels decent enough to play a game, (Bound by Flame) which I was playing the day before surgery and now it crashes at startup and I can’t get it to work so I have not been on much or in the mood for gaming at all.

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Well least your alright thats a plus!

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I’m living anyway.