I love Amazon

The mouse I sent to Sir_diealot via Amazon had some issues, so he had to return it. In my rush to get the return stuff done ASAP, I apparently selected my own address for delivery. I called Amazon to see if it was my mistake or something Amazon did. They confirmed it was 100% me. Even with it being my fault, they are going to reimburse me the shipping cost to send it myself.

Stuff like that is why I have no problem paying for Prime and shopping there all the time…

Amazon is great! I first started with them about 2 years ago when I needed a Corsair H80I for a test system. Well, they were the cheapest around so I said what the F, let’s give em a go!

Long story short, I got 3 faulty coolers in a row, not their fault as all they do is sell them and I had my 4th replacement, which worked great, within the span of about 2 weeks and they even sent me a new one every time before the faulty one was collected.

I’ve been real happy with them ever since, just a shame some people take advantage of their good customer service!

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Remember when they gave me 10% off my fury x at launch? Mmmmm

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