I think it's time to forget GT and move on

It was once great, it isn’t now so we found a new home. Lets stop making our fun new home about our shitty old home! Fuck him and his legal team. Fuck the Centurions and any ass kissing they might partake in. Fuck it all. We as a group should be able to rise above the actions of a few and try to move this site forward.

Coughlins law: Bury the dead, they stink up the place!

Spinalfailed Aye Aye Captain Sir :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yo Todd, what is GT? offers a drink


Katsuo uhhh GAMER TAG on steam or origin or wherever? :wink:

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yup leave the past and all the bad behind us … we are here because of friendship :slight_smile:
alt text


Spinalfailed I thought it was Gran Turismo


ShiftySatchmo fuck that game alright alright its just because I sucked at it but fuck that game! hahaha