I took the VR plungeeeeeeeeee


Hellblade VR


I looked to see what VR games I already had on steam. Hellblade VR is in fact one of them. You bet your ass I’m going to try it.


Hellblade is great in VR but dizzying. Superhot is indeed the best VR experience I’ve had. I too recommend Arizona Sunshine, Loco Dojo, Cloudlands and Vanishing Realms, along with the following: Onward, Google Earth VR, World VR Competition, Carnival Games, Eleven: Table Tennis, Elven Assassin, Serious Sam, Windlands, To the Top, Duck Season, I Expect You to Die, Ocean Rift, Dreadhalls, Vertigo, Ultra Wings, Pierhead Arcade, and I’m sure some others I missed


You literally listed all VR games. Also Moss.


I have Moss but haven’t beaten it. Haha yeah I’ve enjoyed a lot of VR since I got it about 15 months ago.


I only tried the PSVR thing and I got scared. And I played Gran Turismo. That might be the only reason why I don’t have a VR headset yet. I’m a vagina.


For all the VR users :wink:


Hmmm maybe once I beat the games I have for VR…so ten years