I took the VR plungeeeeeeeeee


Hellblade VR

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I looked to see what VR games I already had on steam. Hellblade VR is in fact one of them. You bet your ass I’m going to try it.

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Hellblade is great in VR but dizzying. Superhot is indeed the best VR experience I’ve had. I too recommend Arizona Sunshine, Loco Dojo, Cloudlands and Vanishing Realms, along with the following: Onward, Google Earth VR, World VR Competition, Carnival Games, Eleven: Table Tennis, Elven Assassin, Serious Sam, Windlands, To the Top, Duck Season, I Expect You to Die, Ocean Rift, Dreadhalls, Vertigo, Ultra Wings, Pierhead Arcade, and I’m sure some others I missed


You literally listed all VR games. Also Moss.


I have Moss but haven’t beaten it. Haha yeah I’ve enjoyed a lot of VR since I got it about 15 months ago.


I only tried the PSVR thing and I got scared. And I played Gran Turismo. That might be the only reason why I don’t have a VR headset yet. I’m a vagina.


For all the VR users :wink:


Hmmm maybe once I beat the games I have for VR…so ten years

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This one looks fun

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Yeah there are some good ones like this. I love Onward most. Reality is time is limited so I stopped buying VR games for a while