IE8 on Android

How do I find out what IE I have on an Android cell phone? I need to have 8 in order to use tickets to a concert on Tuesday but have no clue what I am doing on a cell phone. (Girlfriend phone) Thanks for any help. Oh I have to at least have IE8 one it

IE as in Internet Explorer? IE has been discontinued long time ago. Look for Microsoft Edge. I don’t know which phone you have but usually Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed with other Microsoft apps.

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It is a LG l33l10a is the software version. Android version 5.0.1

Here is what it says

Hm, can’t you open them in Chrome?

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Beats me, I would have to download a whole new app, could not get to the mail without downloading an app.

Hm, well that sucks. I don’t think you have IE on that phone IMO, it should show up under installed apps :slight_smile:

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That sucks. Now sure how to get in then. The person that bought the tickets for me did not know they were phone only tickets until afterwords.

OMG LOL. It’s just a warning to people using a 20 year old browser on 30 year old hardware. You can use chrome, firefox, or whatever the bastardized version of chrome or ff the phone manufacturer put on the phone. IE isn’t a requirement, it’s a resentment. In fact I’m surprised they even specified a version. Normally devs just say “IE? Fuck off!”. In fact you don’t even have to print if you don’t want to. You can just show them the tickets on the phone.

On a side note, there’s never been a version of IE on smart phones (well maybe the windows phones that don’t exist anymore). Let alone a pre-smart phone version of ie! XD


Well I did call and they made it very concise, no printed versions will be honored. Thanks for the clarification though. I simply hate cell phones.

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Why? They’re just pocket sized computers.

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You should be able to open it in any browser on your phone. Chrome would definitely work.

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They are too small, always the wrong things coming up (when I type) and I have always viewed them as a leash.

Would not come up in her browser, it would let me get to yahoo, but not yahoo mail until I went and got app at play store.

Anywho, IE8 definitely doesn’t exist on Android, that message is just a warning for people that are crazy and using ancient computers.

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Okay, thanks again.