Im back?? Maybe? k

Still had this email from way back in 2016, July.

I’ll give you a hint who I am if you all remember or even still here. I played Santa on Gtribe. I pissed off Angel. I pissed off Angel and his grew that I got banned. Also I was known but another name.

Good Luck!

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Hello Valceanu girls.


Lol. You did warn me about them in a private message when I handed out Mafia III when it came out.

LOL that pretty much just described 90% of us here. :grinning:


Haha true. Uhh lets see. Ah I offered a memeber and his girl to come stay and live with my wife and I.

Lemme guess, you are also the luckiest person alive? Hmmm :thinking:

Welcome back “The P3ssimist”? :wink:


Well Holy Shit! We got us a Winner!

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Damn my memory suck jajaja, welcome back The P3ssimist


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What was your real name again? Please also provide you credit card information


Do I have to tell?

You can also write it down. No problemo

Wrote it down on my notepad here. :slight_smile:

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I could always make up a name for you if you want.

For only 49.99$/year you get full GOD mode membership (pun intended) with your private information secured. :stuck_out_tongue:

George from our call center will contact you soon. :joy:


Ah they still have that utter BS there? I got the membership and disputed the transaction to get the game codes to sell. Ahhh good times. lol


You could do that? I thought the games were sent as a gift on Steam not as codes.

Before all the rules were changed via Steam. Send the gifted item to your inventory and use say Kinguin to sell the gifted item out of your inventory. And before yes you would get game codes in your mailbox.

Welcome back mate. You were on my Steam friend list but you disapearred a while ago.