I'm back!

Sup everyone! I know I’ve been away from this place for a long time but I’m back and I have some pretty good news. I finally have enough money to build a new(ish) and better PC than the one I currently have. And I found a few decent deals on combo parts. As I don’t have enough to get brand new parts I turned to used market and found some haswell and Skylake deals. The reason why I can’t go “ryzen way” is mainly because of cooling and ddr4 which is still pretty expensive here.
Now I need your opinion on which is better:
Z97 + i7 4770k + 8gb of RAM or
B150 + i5 6400 + 8gb of RAM
I know Skylake is more recent but then again i5 is only quad core without hyperthreading and I can’t OC it. I7 4770k is notoriously hot but has HT and is OCable. Both combos cost roughly the same so you can see my dilemma here :smiley:

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Not sure with cpu, but right now is probly a good time to get a 10 series video card.

Yeah, except even if I get gtx 1060 it’ll most probably be bottlenecked by my i7 860. Plus, GTX 10 series gpus are still relatively expensive here…

If your setup is for gaming mostly, then go for i5, if you are going to do some heavy multitasking, then i7. I have i5-4690k overclocked to 4.6 GHz and I have no bottleneck with my R9 390x. There is no much difference between Skylake and Haswell/Devil canyon, Skylake faster mostly because of DDR4, but you can overclock 4770k so I will vote for it but only if you can afford a good cooling system.

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I already have a CoolerMaster AIO and I’m leaning towards 4770k… I’ll wait for a couple of days before I buy anything.

Welcome back!

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