Immersive Sim Games

System Shock, Thief, Deus Ex, Dishonored, Prey…Everything about the best gaming genre of all time. As a HUGE fan myself I hope I can covert some people to play more of these games and appreciate them. They are the gems of gaming. Period.

Thief…what a horrid experience I had with those games.

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Even if I were interested in the topic, the spam turns me off.

The old Thief games were okay. The new one…never managed to finish it, horrible.

And I think even Cyberpunk 2077 will steal some ideas or even be an immersive sim after all I read about it.

Go away grumpy old man :stuck_out_tongue:

I only get one notification for each post. So it’s not spammy for me haha

I love the System Shock games. The Deus Ex games have always been on my list of games to play but I’ve never gotten around to them. I know I’m going to enjoy them I just haven’t the time I guess.

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If you start the Deus Ex games, start with the first one came out in 2000. I don’t recommend the Revision on Steam, they changed half the game. There are other HD texture mods which don’t ruin the gameplay. If you are interested I have a list of mods and recommendations.

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The original Deus Ex is fun, but definitely hard. I’ve never played System Shock myself.

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I don’t mind playing older games with the original graphics. If it doesn’t have any widescreen resolutions I could use a mod for that. Playing in 4:3 is just so hard for me to do nowadays.

System Shock sounds about the same as the original Deus Ex. I had a lot of fun with it but it’s hard and can be very unforgiving. If you ever play it I would recommend using a few save slots because you can for sure save your way into just being stuck at certain points because of lack of health.

Interestingly nobody mentioned F.E.A.R. Not in this genre? :slight_smile:

Fear? Not even close :smiley:

Defining elements

It should be noted that not all of these characteristics are necessarily required for games to fall into this category

  • Immersion in an elaborate and believable game world.
  • Simulation: physics and AI are used to create believable behavior in objects and characters which the player can freely interact with, resulting in ‘emergent gameplay’.
  • First-person perspectives as to truly look through the eyes of the protagonist.
  • Game design that allows for multiple paths and/or multiple solutions in every situation.
  • A systemic game world that keeps track of the player’s actions, which can affect the “whole” game.
  • Open-ended/non-linear game design with an emphasis on choice and consequence.
  • Full control over the player’s character in every situation.
  • A world with consistent rules that the player can interact with.
  • Narrative that is not always forced on the player, but instead can be told through exploration and gameplay at that players will.
  • No fail states, beyond player death.

Ah ok, got it :smiley:

A quite good in depth video about this topic

And an interview with game designers

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