Imperium Galactica 2

I already talked this about Katsuo. He dont like it. But this is the best 4x space ever made. Period. Forget Endless Space, forget Stellaris, you need this. I’m just saying. This was my second game ever (after Deus Ex1). A bit old, but after THQ Nordic bought the licence, they released a Steam version which supports newer Windows. Because this was released in 1999. :smiley: I just got Stellaris from Humble Montly but after discovering this sweet nostalgic piece from my childhood, I have to play it instantly. And just because Katsuo thinks im a huge nationalist, i leave with this: Made in Hungary 100%. :smiley:

Should be removed from Steam just because it’s from HUNGRY <3

Oh my, how drunk was I yesterday? We tried a new HUNGARIAN ipa beer, a bit stronger than I used to :smiley: Never mind, this game is really good, I will keep it :smiley: