Internet Upgrade!

When I woke up this morning I knew today would be good was awaiting fedex… well

I started this morning at 30mb/ps… and now


Very nice indeed, I got a free upgrade as well this week but never posted about it, now that there is a thread… okay I will too. :smiley:

I pay for 150 down and 150 up but this is what I get now.


Ub6 Well, this wasn’t free. TWC sold out to Charter who became Spectrum. My bill is going up 47$ a month between my cable/phone/internet and this is not a promo so it will not go up again they said.

Ah that sucks then… but you still have faster internet. :slight_smile: (looking for a silver lining)

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Ub6 Yup

Mine still sucks.

Sir_diealot Get awhole of TWC, ask about the migration process cause TWC is owned by Charter… and your current package will have only so much time left on it before it has to be migrated to Spectrum. 60mb/ps is the MIN speed they have now…

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Gorkie It is already rectum now. I will get with them.

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