Is your body ready ?

Arsononion I have a big ass for this, but not the price :smiley:

ButtStallion Same XD

Dat clickbait though

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Arsononion yeah body is ready but wallet is not ready xD … And most likely it will not be ready for long time ( maybe when price falls on 5-10 €) :slight_smile:

Mark2K77 Ill be “Arghhhh” XD

Arsononion You had a chance to get the game for free. insert the most psycho emoji here

I chose other games over this one


Probably not going to buy it. I got Forza at the moment and its pretty much a constant eyegasm for me when playing it.

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I think i will play first really good shooters like for now Doom, then Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Shadow Warrior 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

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My body is never ready.

Nah, got too much to play already, and after Battlefront, EA & DICE won’t get any money from me without good reason. But will be eagerly looking for your opinions. If it turns out to be a diamond I may get it at some point.

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