Its that time of the year again.

Got a call earlier from a thick India accented man, claiming his name was Charlie Willson from Microsoft… (Phone said Dendu Brown) 607 area code… Claiming my PC was Transmitting Viruses and he needed access in order to stop it. Well at this point I was on the internet and looked up the number cause I never believe such calls and found it to be another Scammer like the last twenty who called with similar stories…

Pro Tip: Microsoft will not call you.

So I had a little fun with him, and claimed my PC had cought fire about twenty minutes before he called so he was to late and that the PC must be transmitting them from PC Hell and hung up.

I’ve had the guy waiting on the phone as I said that my PC was very slow booting up, as I carried on watching TV I kept going back & saying that I had an upgrade to do & it shouldn’t be too long etc. well done for him staying with me for 5 minutes.

The other time I gave it to my eldest who was 3 at the time to “talk to the nice man”.

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Sgt_T8ie To many of these idiots out there, was just reading in the news paper that 9 call centers and 70 people where arrested for posing as US IRS Agents in India. Call centers where making $150,000 a day. The Workers where tought to have American Accents.

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I take great pleasure in messing with those guys, I am not the most tech savvy but I know enough to make them think I am doing what they want me to do and to stall them for 20 minutes or more. I figure the longer I keep them on the more likely I am to save somebody else from being taken.


The last one I had actually hung up me, when he did his spill and I shouted out “oh laudy mercy what am I gonna do?!!”