I've been a busy little bee.

I haven’t been posting much of anything on here lately. I’ve run into a lot of personal problems recently and when I do have free time. I have my steering wheel set up to my computer typing has been a little tricky lately (It’s still tricky right now as I lean over the wheel to type).

I was going to have this long post earlier this month reviewing all the Halloween movies I happened to catch on Oct. I might still do that I’m not entirely sure.

Lastly I would like to thank Andrew for his lovely gift.

Currently downloading it right now on my terrible internet. I’ve always been interested in the game. Like dark souls but you can focus certain body parts.

Thanks again Andrew

Hopefully this will mark my triumphant return to GX.


Yay triumphant returns! Hope everything is at least mostly ok.

I’ll survive. Just seems to be one thing after another at the moment.