I've been hacked


Well my Blizzard account has been taken from me. I got an email from them telling me that I changed my email address and all was good. If it was not me, then contact them to get it sorted out.

I contacted them, they want an email address for the account… they don’t accept the one I use because it is no longer in use!! Idiots. Upload a copy of my Gov’t issued photo ID they say. FK you… hacked account and you want that info? Morons.

Just had to vent.


Blizzard is gone. Activision destroyed them. Let them go. They don’t make anything worth money anymore.


That sucks. Almost every service has multifactor authentication. Set it up.


That sucks. Hopefully you didn’t have a lot there. I’d probably cry if my account with Blizz got stolen.


Just the stuff that I’ve gotten from the Humble Bundles.


Yeah almost everything else is… I missed one apparently. My bad.


Oops… see my reply to Gordo above. :smiley:


It’s not surprising one who falls victim to account hacking also has no idea how to quote on a forum. o.0


Yeah I understand that.


Never any fun. But I’m sure they can get it sorted if you keep yakkin’ with them.


Happened once with my brother. You can still get it back you just need to prove you are the original owner. They will ask things about the account like when you used your credit card to buy something on battlenet, when was the last time you played a game etcetc. My brother got it back after a few days with the support, dont give up.


Gotta agree with Butt. Don’t give up! Blizzard has one of the best supports and I’m sure they will help you retrieve the account.


btw they ask for your id because once they give your account back they will pair it so this can not happen again. And like others said, activate the two step authenticator. Half my phone’s apps are authenticators :smiley:


Even I have their authenticator and I only ever played diablo 3 and sc2 single player a long long time ago.


I’ve got it back… no ID needed.


This just happened to me. Someone tried to sneak into my acc. I love it.


Hope you dont have the same password for both battlenet and gmail :smiley:


I don’t have gmail. But for each launcher, email crap or my workplace PC, I have a different password. It’s making me crazy.


Don’t forget that sometimes the account verification emails can be spoofed to get you to click stuff. Always go to your account manually.


This reminds me of my hatred for Blizzard making “Blizzard Authenticator” instead of just letting me use Google. I too have settled for the email spam method.