I've been hacked


This is the new trend. Everybody makes his own game launcher and authenticator :smiley: I am so glad Humble switched to Google, deleted Authy the next second. How I have only 3 installed on my phone. :smiley:


You should see the Amazon authenticator. 3 apps and VPN just to access it lmao


I prefer authenticators. Less notifications.


Me too I just don’t like having a zillion


I’ve only got two. Steam and Blizzard… I don’t remember the last time I played a blizzard game. So only one really.


I get so many of those emails and from epic launcher too lol even if someone hacked mine they would feel bad and probably return my account back :rofl:


Steam, Blizzard, Swtor, Google… :smiley:


Ah, I didn’t even think of steam since I use that for chat and impulse purchases


Given steam’s complete lack of customer support, it’s the most logical. Only need to use it when you login from a new device or one you haven’t logged into for a long time.


I have like 9 two factor accounts in Authy, then the Steam app and Blizzard app for push two factor. I guess Duo work work as well, but that hardly counts.