Jedi Fallen Order

I think I just don’t like souls games that have “souls” or “born” in the title.

Soo, you like Sekiro and Nioh. Yesss



So play Bloodborne. It doesn’t have “born” in the title technically.

     Debug.LogWarning("This is an infinite loop.");

So you won’t even play beyond two souls?!

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Also I already beat that.

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I’ll take a page out of your book and say I’ve been drinking :wink:

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The back 100 pages are all coupons specifically for that. ; ]

The game was really great. There are technically costumes, but they are pretty minor and you collect them in game.

I actually like it more than the other “Souls” games, since it was less frustrating IMO.

It’s not half bad so far.

Just beat it! It’s a good game, but it shouldn’t have been so hard. I wish they had gone with a different formula. I’m not even sure it was worth it. I hope the next ACTUAL game that ea shits out for star wars is not a souls game.

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I beat it. Not enough payoff.

Finished this one too. I love everything in this game. This game’s story shits on everything Disney made in the last 10 years Star Wars related. Worth the full price. I hope next Star Wars will be in the same formula. For everyone who suck at pressing the parry button, there is a difficulty thing in this game which lets you breeze through the game without breaking a sweat.


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I like who shows up at the end : ]

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Me too. I hope there will be a sequel to this so we can have funnnn

Well I suck so much I couldnt do the first planet on story difficulty and deleted the game. Glad I pirated the demo :smiley: stupid souls games :smiley: Jedi Academy ftw

I hate souls games and I beat this game.

This game is far from a souls game. Just because you respawn enemies by resting, doesn’t make it a souls game. I played this game on whatever the middle difficulty is and played it like it’s a Force Unleashed game. Just learn to use the abilities and you’ll be set.

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