Katsuo - June Gamer Challenge

Finished Vanquish (again). The best third person shooter I’ve ever played. It was insanely good back on PS3 and it’s even better now. Smooth gameplay, beautiful visuals and a cool story with some really sexy QTEs. Vanquish definitely deserves a sequel and hopefully we will get one. Highly recommended! 10/10


ShiftySatchmo Are you sure?

Katsuo no…I’ve only played the first 45 minutes. Russian robots is all I know. I barely even know that because I accidentally skipped the first cutscene.

ShiftySatchmo “accidentally”…Yeah, sure!

Katsuo I pressed shift + tab for the overlay and apparently pressing any key skips them :frowning:

Finished Bloodborne! What a game! What a masterpiece! Literally the best game I’ve ever played. Hard, challenging, beautiful, rewarding and with a beautiful, dark storyline. Everything is just on point. From Software, I so damn love ya! Much better than Dark Souls. If you have a PS4, this game is simply a huge, massive must-play! Score? There is no score for this masterpiece. It’s just way above all games in terms of quality.

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Katsuo \o/ one of my favorites of all time. As you know I’m working through another play and am looking forward to diving into the dlc.

ShiftySatchmo I have to unlock my credit card to buy the damn DLC…

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