KingSpec mSata SSDs

Hi. I am interested in picking up a “cheap” mSata SSD for a notebook that I was given. Initially tried to repair the OS install, then tried to fully reload the OS and then tried Ubuntu. Total SSD failure (the first I have come across).

Guy was going to bin it, even after I mentioned that it could be reapired for <$100.

Now I have a notebook and want to pull the pin on a KingSpec SSD from AliExpress or Ebay.

Does anyone out there have experience of KingSpec?

trainsmash I’ve never heard of the brand.

Haven’t heard either but lookin into it’s Amazon score of 4.5 stars in reviews, it looks like a good value for a price it costs.

zmajuga teh_g : Even better pricing here, hence me think it is well priced enough to take a punt: