Kirby Star Allies

So this is my next game. It’s basically the Kirby you know but X4. You can have 3 other characters follow you and fight with you using their unique abilities. You can also mix and match to make new skills. Pretty fun so far except for some retarded programmers’ fuckups resulting in the game being 30fps. No game with this art style should be 30fps. Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash Bros…all 60fps games. Why the fuck not this one? They’re doing something wrong that is stressing the hardware. On top of that I just came off of playing Shadow of War at max settings at 1800p (DSR 1440p) at >60fps on gsync. 1080p30 is jarringly noticeable. Will take me a few days to adjust to peasant fps. : /

Still pretty fun so far, will post more later.


All I see are numbers instead of you saying how good the game issssssssss

I called it “pretty good” and “pretty fun”. I’ve only played for a couple hours so far.

I just had another idea though. Maybe this game suffers from Breath of the Wild syndrome. Maybe it was originally meant for the WiiU. Then part way through development they scrapped the wii u version but it was too late to rewrite from scratch. Which would have resulted in a mishmash of apis that ultimately destroyed performance…

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I think kirby just forgot to eat the 60 fps

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Maybe I need the 60fps amiibo…

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Ohh shit, this game is getting good! They must have punished the devs for having such a low frame rate. Their punishment was jamming in more mechanics that all work well together.

Beat it! It has two adventures and the learning curve on each is nintendo grade. Also has some minigames and time trial shit that I didn’t bother with. The adventures are worth it though. Recommended.