Laptop advice - Would you go Kaby Lake or GTX 1060? or something else?

I have been given the go ahead to replace my laptop here at work. Budget is around $1000-$1300.

I’ve been looking at the ASUS ROG lineup. For roughly about the same price, I can either go one of two routes.

Intel i7-6700HQ, with a GTX 1060 GPU and 15" screen
Intel i7-7700HQ (the new Kaby Lake one) with a GTX 1050ti GPU and 17" screen

So since this is for work, I don’t need it for gaming, but it would be nice to be able to.

But which one would you guys recommend, (or any other brands), Go with the newer CPU, or the better GPU?

Polekatt personaly I’d go with the bigger screen, depends on how mobile do you want to be :slight_smile:

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I’m not as concerned with mobility, long as I can pick it up and put it in a case.

My applications are 80% on my desk, and when I take it somewhere I just have to be able to transport it to customers to test stuff with in the case.

I like the fact that the bigger screen one also seems to have an SSD in it. I think thats the one to go with. But its only on sale today, looks like, and I just was wondering if the 1060 would be that much different than the 1050 to justify everything else that was better.

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well, my boss drug his feet and then left early yesterday without telling me how to pay for the laptop, and since I can’t afford that on my own, the sale was missed.

I still think I can get the one with the Kaby Lake processor, 15" screen, and the 1050 GTX in it for right around $1100, regular price. It just does not have the SSD or the 1050ti card in it.

For $200 more, I can get the 17" screen and the Ti version of the card, but I don’t think he will pay it, I think I’d have to chip that in myself.

any advice still appreciated.

Polekatt huh, tough choice,I’d try to get the 17 inch version if possible, but in the end it’s his decision :slight_smile:

I assume this is a bit overpriced? I have no idea what the prices are for laptops. I thought this one looks sweet xD

Isn’t there something bouncing around about a massive security vulnerability in some of the Kaby Lake mobile chips? An open debugging function accessible via USB that can access all the way to the BIOS?

Sgt_T8ie According to what I read, whatever issue it is, it also exists for the current generation too. I’d think if it was that big of an issue though, they’d fix it. I’d hope anyway…

katsuo yeah, that Dell is overpriced for what you get. I don’t like Dell (or HP) anyway. :slight_smile:


Polekatt current gen being SkyLake? the only thing that’s good is that it requires physical connection, but still dodgy IMO.

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Sgt_T8ie yeah, skylake is the the current gen. Apparently it was on that one too.

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Happy to say, this has finally been resolved!

Just got it in today, removing crapware, and installing stuff I need-

Got the ASUS ROG 553something. Its the 7700 7th gen i7 processor, 16G Ram, GTX 1050ti, 256G SSD + 1TB HDD.

Not bad for a work provided laptop, that I get to keep forever!

happyyyyyy :slight_smile:


Lovely :smiley:

Awesome I came here with intent to tell of my latest wallet buster too.

My kids laptop died again this time I could not revive it so I looked for a new one.

She is now a gamer and has taken to streaming as well but still requires a laptop for college in the fall so…

Found a brand new open box (never sold but was turned on for a total of 20 minutes unless the report is lying) and instead of 2100 CAD it was a mere 800 CAD.

I thought there had to be something wrong but nope…it was just a clearance sale of open box stuff and that was the last one they had.

Dang thing is more modern than my desktop now (more video memory and faster system memory too for starters) and that makes me sad. I am waiting to give it to her as she has been banned from the internet this week…so not going to make it worse. Lol

Here is a link to the one I bought

NCIX link here