Lara Croft GO

The best way to describe it is… a really cool board game your friends just taught you to play and it somehow has no rpg elements. Also, since it’s blatantly a mobile port, I’m happy to say there are zero micro transactions.

The only graphics options are resolution and vsync. So at 1440p with vsync on, I get a solid 60fps in Ubuntu 16.04. Since it runs perfectly in Linux, I didn’t bother checking Windows or OSX, though I imagine they’re fine.

Totally recommended. This is my next game to beat, will post more when I do.

Just beat it! Some of the puzzles can be crazy frustrating, but they seemed to have the almost perfect difficulty arc as you progress. It is short, but I don’t think they could have made it much longer due to there being not much else they could add to the mechanics by the end of it.

Have you tried Hitman GO? It’s pretty good

ShiftySatchmo said in Lara Croft GO:

Have you tried Hitman GO? It’s pretty good

Is it the same thing with a franchise swap? LC GO was fun, but I’ve had my fill.

gord0 similar concept but I haven’t played Lara croft GO so I can’t say how similar it is beyond that

gord0 I think all the GO’s are pretty much the same. Same goes with Deus Ex Go.