Late Update: New GPU and a new PSU.

Hey guys,
Finally sharing the long overdue news of my new AMD RX580 GPU and a forced purchase of a new Antec Edge 750W PSU .

Had to get a new PSU as the old was not giving even the described power(RMA’d it). Gifted old GPU and RMA’d PSU to my cousin, helping another gamer.

Finally enjoying the good games(mostly on weekends thanks to job :P).

Also payed my dues of the PSU, yeah bought on credit card as it was not a planned expense.

The AMD GPU were hard to get in the market as the bitcoin miners bought them before hand.

Waiting for steam summer sale for more games to buy.

NEXT UPGRADE in queue: SSD and then CPU+MOBO+RAM(DDR4 build).

Woot another MSI Gaming X fan! I have the 470 8gb Gaming X and love it… goes great with my FX 8320…and MSI 970 Gamer…


best looking gpu. The 1070 is my second msi gaming x card, it fits perfectly in my red-black theme case :smiley: Great choice and good luck finding one :stuck_out_tongue:

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congrats!! again :stuck_out_tongue:

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