Leadtek Nvidia GTX 960 [urgent suggestion]

Many of you already know that i am buying a 2nd hand gpu. So i will go for this one. i found a guy here who is willing to sell it cause he is going for 1070. Anyway this card still got 2 years warranty also all the papers and everything.

But few of my friends saying this gpu will overheat a lot…but others are saying it wont. so kidna confused here…so any of you have any idea? please please let me know

DANTE I have had a few blower style nvidia gpus like that and yea they can get hot but I wouldnt worry too much and when you can just get a aftermarket cooler to slap on it and it will be a-ok

As long as you’ve got a bit of airflow in the case, you’ll be fine. This will get hotter than normal cards and probably a bit louder but shouldn’t run into any problems unless you are pretty much suffocating it.

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DANTE it should not overheat as the GTX960 has a TDP of 120watts so it is no 280 watt hot head. Bu you should not OC with that cooler.

Thnx everyone i think tomorrow this time i will have this card :smiley: :slight_smile: …and i will try to buy a new case later if i face any problem to increase the air flow :slight_smile:


Well did you get the card? :slight_smile:

MyLifeForAiur not this one…bought the Strix’s edition

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DANTE went all out, nice!!

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