Legal Gamingtribe

So what happens when you email LegalGamingtribe ?
you get this reply!
Mass Luminosity, Inc (parent of Gaming Tribe) has retained legal counsel to investigate the actions of certain signed-in members who may have engaged in tortious interference and/or libel in reference to the Mass Luminosity, Inc business and/or employees.

We are reviewing records that contain messages, comments, and status updates, and other information and images obtained from NodeBB Forums.

If you believe that you’ve been erroneously flagged please send an explanation to so we can compare it to the information we have obtained.

Richard Stone
Counsel Advisor / Mass Luminosity, Inc.


Geoffrey Osborn
Counsel & Chairman for Mass Luminosity, Inc.

John Fischer
Counsel for Mass Luminosity, Inc
Scheef & Stone, L.L.P.

Like I said before we’re guilty until proven innocent.

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craig_Ferrie hey that’s this forum XD

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ShiftySatchmo yes it is! Nothing like trying to infringe on America’s 1st amendment!

Spinalfailed you mean GTribe doesn’t own this forum? Their EULA doesn’t extend to the far reaches of the Internet where 30ish people joke around?


That cracks me up that they are using this. Sounds a lot like when companies try and sue over Yelp reviews.


teh_g like someone else said I assume the side effect of people being sick of poor customer service and leaving was the sponsors were concerned.

And of course instead of trying to reach out and mend fences and see what could have been done to improve, they do something like this. For all we know if they reached out and finally listened to us we might have gone back even! I mean a few is a coincidence. You could even argue that a small group would leave in support of one or two people, but the number of people we have here just reflects the dissatisfaction. If they can’t be mature, recognize that they do not run a perfect service, and grow, then their site is destined for failure.

And finally, they react by apparently banning everyone who visited this forum even if those people said nothing against GTribe and just wanted to talk to their friends who left. Absolutely childish.


It would be the icing on the cake if banned members were still eligable for givaways and one of us won… and then gave the beast away on this forum lol


I don’t think sponsors would like to find themselves entangled in this supposed law-suit for one simple reason: bad publicity. I mean take a look at what’s going on with g2a and what happened with kinguin? It’s a scare tactics and nothing more.


Well He can sue my ass how much he wants but little he know not a single law from other states in the world applies to my state lol

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ArsonSami very true man, and welcome back, weve missed ya all day :slight_smile:

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ArsonSami our laws are laughable xD

Only0neKnight I was busy with the family but i am back :smiley: