Lets see if this works...

Day one of 3 finished… finally.


When done this will continue up and around my kids names all the way to the shoulder. Some minor colour will be added as well to make it pop a bit more.


That’s badas dude, I likes it!

That looks awesome!

Thanks guys

Looks amazing! But I have to be an uncultured swine and ask…how much did the tattoo cost? I’m actually saving to get my entire hand tattooed. Was thinking about spending around 1500-2000 euros on it. Hoping it’s not more and I’m too lazy to go to the tattoo studio(?!) and ask for the price.

Not uncultured, just not experienced… yet. :slight_smile: The way it usually works is the better (and thus more in demand) an artist is, the more it is per hour. It’s getting more and more rare to find an artist that bills per piece vs hour.

Anyhow, having said that, what was done on my forearm was a cool $1100 CDN. When you go in and get a plan started with an artist, they will give you an approximate time it will take for the entire tattoo… so you will know an approximate price you will be paying.

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The nice thing is that most reputable artists (at least in the States), are super willing to work with you. They consider it to be an art piece for them as well.

That and I’m all for spending a bit more on a “better” artist since I am getting ink permanently on my body :smiley:

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