load of updates??

Anyone notice a whole bunch of games just got tiny updates (15 for me)???

Just jumped up to 19

This happened to me earlier today. Most of the updates weren’t bigger than 400-500 KB for each game

Since I’m playing Tales of Berseria and one of the updates was for it, I checked the forum and someone there thinks it was just an update to a new vc redist. Which effects pretty much all games.

Yepp, same here, all my updates were 512 kbyte each.

Probably this updates some of the steam files, not game related, like installscript.vdf file for Visual C++ redists or shader fixes. It does not alter the game itself.

12 last night and a few today.

yup, we were talking about that when it happened on a conan discord server channel.

was 18 for me, then 5 more this morning.

I figured something like Artem_Zmitrovich said, or maybe sale related.

53 … not bad for one week xD


2 more just showed up for me.