Looking to make changes maybe buy some parts... for my pc.

I will be looking into parts my self here, looking to do some changes to my pc… my Seidon 120v died, and because of my case Thermaltake H22… I can’t do alot of the things I would /like/ to do such as put in a 240mm or above cooler. If anyone is selling parts maybe in America as shipping is cheaper… let me know.

Current Specs:
FX 8320
MSI 970 Gaming
MSI RX 470 8gb Gaming X
16gb DDR3 1866mhz
Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler
1 Seagate HD 1tb
1 R3 120gb SSD
1 500gb Toshiba Laptop HD
6 Arctic F12 PWM Fans 120mm…
Thermaltake H22 Case.

If the price is right, and we can work something out ill listen to nearly all offers (mind you im poor, so the price has to be right lol)

Mainly looking for a better case and a better cooler…