Mass Effect: Andromeda – Official Gameplay Trailer - 4K

It is finally here. Who’s gonna pre-order? :smiley:

I would pre-order this 100%. But not only I don’t have the money for it, I’m not sure even if my PC will be able to run this game when it gets out. :open_mouth:

It is only me or somebody else had a feeling during the trailer, that the combat is very similar to The Division.

ButtStallion Actually, the combat looks like every third person shooter out there XD
Which is awesome. I like TPS.

Oh. It’s Mass Defect, pardon,…Glass Effect, …excuse me…Mass Effect Andromeda.

Looks nice, won’t pre-order. XD


when my pc will be able to run this game i am gonna buy it for sure…looks super awesome !!! and thats jack right? from ME 2,3

Anyone here who pre-orders ANY game get’s a swift kick to the nuts from me. The only reason to pre-order anything is because of product shortages. There’s no such thing as product shortage for physical AAA games and never ever was such a thing as a shortage for ANY digital software. In fact digital has infinite quantity.

Pre-ordering games only encourages publishers to ship broken games.

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gord0 But…but…you get…extra stuff that’s available only to those that preordered :frowning:

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gord0 it was a pretty serious shortage of physical Overwatch for months in Hungary. You had to order a copy and wait weeks until you got one.

Katsuo Until the first complete edition or for a limited time only and than you can buy it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

ButtStallion Yeah but I only want the physical copy of the game if I’m preordering. So if I do that, I’m hoping that I will get stuff only we, that preordered, get the extra stuff. But something like that will never happen so meh…Mass Effect: Andromeda is anyway pretty low ranked on my wishlist anyway haha

What do you like more? Shwag or a game that’s not broken?

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gord0 I get your point but I want both haha
Sometimes you have to believeveveve in the devs. I believed in Final Fantasy 15 and look…it’s a masterpiece. And whoever preordered that game, got some sexy stuff.

I pre order if I planned to buy day 1 and it results in Best Buy giving me $10. You can always get a refund if reports come in of a game sucking.

Also, there are some games I would even play if they were horrible and broken because I am weird.



Katsuo I volunteer to test this game, even it’s from EA :wink:

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PeaceLeon You have the 10 hours trial on EA Access. XD

Katsuo I want to test it now, not when it got released :wink:

PeaceLeon The access comes 5 days before release. It’s something :grin: