May be able to upgrade sooner than I thought...

Okay so I found a nice deal on an i7 6700k + Mobo + Ram for like $500 ish, and am thinking about selling off my Fx 6300 +Mobo + Ram+ Hyper 212 Evo (Lost original heatsink plates) and Lanboy air case (hopefully to a coworker) to soften the financial blow.

Here’s the combo on Newegg

I know I’ll need to pick up a new cooler, but that’s not too big a deal since you can find a relatively decent air cooler for under $50 USD.
Whats everyone think?

I look forward to seeing what your opinions are after I get home tonight.


tat2teel If i had money and lived in US ill buy that in a second XD

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looks decent! Go Speedracer Go!

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Agree with above ^^

That’s a solid deal.

Buy it twice. Just in case I steal that one combo from you so you can have the other for yourself.

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Awesome deal man GO GO GO !!! jajaja i really wish we have those kind of deals in this country.