May be without internet for a bit, Cya good folks soon!

So the time has finally come for me to move! My move in date for my new apartment in next Wednesday and between paying off a double deposit AND rent in my next two checks, I may be without internet for a while, but I will be back in the near future, to stalk these wonderful forums once again!

Also once I’m back online, there will be pics of how I get my rig setup and how I setup the rest of my gaming area!
Not too relevant to anything gaming wise, except for me not being able to play D3, but super stoked and wanted to share with my GX family and friends!

Looking forward to getting you back. Hopefully you don’t have to go too long without internet!

Hope all goes smoothly for you and hurry back!

See you soon. You’ll get back hyped up more than ever. XD

Hope everything goes well, and can’t wait to see those pics!

tat2teel See you when you get back bud.

We’ll still be here :slight_smile: best of luck with the move