ME Andromeda weapons and skills gameplay

It looks…good! I like that you can learn whatever you want.

Okaaaaaay, now I get it why Kai wants to preorder the game. Looks damn good!

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It feels like Warframe. A lot. And I like Warframe. A lot.

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Exactly one month to pre-download this sweet game :stuck_out_tongue:

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Katsuo seems like they are borrowing some ideas from what they did with inquisition too

While I’m really looking forward to it i feel like maybe opening all options and guns takes a bit away from the original trilogy. With the original you had different play styles depending on your class. This just feels like, eh do whatever you want!

Spinalfailed I think the freedom makes it so you can have your own style even more. Using singularities and heavy weapons? Sign me up!

ShiftySatchmo i think it might make it to easy and negate the need for additional play throughs.

Spinalfailed it didn’t seem to be a problem in Fallout 4.

ShiftySatchmo which most agreed is nothing like the other fallout games. I hope I’m wrong i really do. Mass effect is my favorite series and i don’t want it screwed up!

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Spinalfailed really? Felt a lot like 3 to me. I liked 4 more than 3 or new Vegas. Maybe I’m crazy. I also like new things. Playing a game that feels exactly like the last one but prettier sounds boring for an RPG.

ShiftySatchmo It actually sounds like Dragon Age: Inquisition and that was boring, empty and no Dragon Age anymore …

ShiftySatchmo it felt neutered compared to new Vegas so much so to me that i played it for about 20 minutes and haven’t returned yet.

MeFFFlenn I also liked inquisition more than the origins \o/

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ShiftySatchmo Inquisition was epic, but the ending…soooo sudden and stupid. Expect the elf :smiley: Waay better than the second episode…I liked Origins as well. It was more RPGish and harder. Not too forgiving with newbies :smiley:

ButtStallion origins was great and had more of a strategic feel, which I love. I just liked inquisition more. Being a mage was more exciting.

ButtStallion I hope the enemies aren’t dumb as hell in higher difficulties. That fiend did absolutely nothing to him. Hopefully it’s something like “extremely very easy” difficulty in the video xD

I’m a bit disappointed to be honest. The voice acting and writing is just meh. I hope the rest of the game is good.

P.S. it’s spoiler-free so you can watch it if you want.

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