Meh - Game Challenge 2019

What is its relation to the one before it where you were Turok: Alien Hunter?

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There is no relation. Completely different game, genre, theme, everything. I do understand why they named this one Prey, though.


More like 9/10 you are a meh

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Finished Halo CE with @PeaceLeon. Pretty good game. Unfortunately it’s packed with pretty much the same areas but who cares. I had lots of fun. Probably would’ve had more fun if we weren’t playing at 4AM. Or was it 5, 6?? I’ll rate it 8/10. Can’t wait to start Halo 2.


I think at the end it was 7 am. That happens when you start a new game around 1 am :wink:

Halo 2 is :ok_hand:. A lot better than the first.

I think we started even earlier. Which doesn’t make things any better :woozy_face:

Niceee. Now I just have to wait until @PeaceLeon quits his job and his social life and play the game with me as soon as possible.

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Reach was my favorite overall Halo. I spent so much time in Forge

The book is quite good. Read it multiple times. Can’t wait to play the game!

Finished What Remains of Edith Finch. Beautiful walking sim with a beautiful story. It was free on pretty much every platform. It’s short so yeah, download it and play it. Highly recommended!



Finished Heavensward: Final Fantasy 14. This is probably the best MMO expansion I’ve ever played. Hell, it’s probably the best JRPG I’ve played in a while. Fantastic story, even better music. Dungeons and raids are very well made and I had lots of fun doing em. It took me around 100 hours to finish the story and another 20ish to finish the class storyline (which is also pretty good).

If you are fan of MMOs and JRPGs, just play FFXIV. It’s worth the sub fee.

I’ll give Heavensward a 10/10. It’s that good.


Finished 2 games. Infamous Second Son and Ratchet and Clank. All on PS4 duuh. Both great games. Infamous was a tiny bit repetitive with the “collectibles” but the story overall is pretty good. Ratchet and Clank is basically a Spyro game in space. Good story, fun platforms, fun challenges.

I give them both a 8/10. Definitely gonna replay em for the platinum.


Finished Call of Duty WW2. Pretty good game. I feel like it’s one of their best campaigns. Storyline is pretty good, visuals are freaking amazing and the sound is orgasmic. Like, I don’t know if it is because of my headset or something but the sound in this game is sick. I felt literally every grenade exploding on my ass. Technically, I paid for this game 4 euros (came with Humble monthly) and it’s easy to say it was the best deal ever. Right now, it’s 20ish bucks on Steam, so if you don’t have the game, pick it up and play the campaign. It’s worth it.

Giving CoD WW2 a solid 8/10. I’m glad I stopped listening to the reviews.


Told youuu

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Still not gonna play Epistory


Epistory is for the PRO’s, while COD WW2 is for amateurs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Said the one who can’t beat Nioh. Suckerrrrrrrr

I’m almost done with Nioh. It’s not that difficult when you break the attack patterns of monsters. :wink: