Metal Gear Solid: Les Enfants Terribles Project

Hello all, hope you are well! Still alive and kicking and preparing for my long trip and very long hours for the summer! Until I leave, I am trying to finish as many videos as possible and just today, I completed my latest one for my Gaming Insider series.

Gaming Insider is a series that goes into depth regarding mysteries or lore of a game and explain them to the best of my ability. Particularly for Metal Gear Solid, both the Terrible Children Project and the Patriots video I did, I couldn’t find videos that really explained who or what they are and them being shorter than 30 minutes, so I took another approach.

What I want from you guys is feedback; you know how much I trust you with that. If possible, have a look at my latest video and tell me what you think. Be brutally honest if you want! I can take it!

Have a good one!