Mirror's Edge Catalyst

I’m not playing till tomorrow, but when I do… KB+Mouse or Gamepad?

Played the beta quite a bit and I recommend using keyboard+mouse if you want to slap the guards with some fancy moves.

Interesting. The original struck me as better on controller.

gord0 said in /404:


Always KB+Mouse

With this kind of game I use controller. Just use both and pick whichever you like more. Who cares what we think?

I played the first one with kb+mouse because it felt odd using a gamepad from a first person perspective. Does the new one have a 3rd person option?

So totally doing kb+mouse! It seems very awesome so far. Able to do 1440p ultra settings at 60fps in crossfire… oddly single card does hyper settings better than crossfire… but one card or two, hyper has frame dips… I hope this game end up awesome overall, I’ve hear rumors of repetitiveness…

I forgot to post that I beat the game. Normally I love open world games, but this one did indeed get waaay too repetitive. So after a certain point I said “fuck the side jobs and activities” and just did the rest of the campaign missions. Quite good overall, but I only recommend doing the campaign missions…now I’m off to check my list to see what my next game will be.

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