Monster Hunter World

Now I just want to keep tagging Gordon :thinking:

It would not be the first time a Japanese made game was ported to PC crappily and capped at 30fps

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Well, most of these games were ported by Koei XD

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And for thoughs who do not yet know. Monster Hunter & Final Fantasy XIV about to have a MASSIVE Cross-over event coming up in the near future…

Glad I didn’t wait and got the PS4 version weeeeee

Who needs to optimize a game at all?

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PS4 pro was the way to goooo. This game is fun

I watched IGNs stream yesterday and the game is running ~60 fps, 1080p, medium/high settings with a GTX 980Ti.

So yeah…not sure if anyone who has a GPU that is weaker than a 980Ti should pick up MHW.

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Game is funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


Every Monster Hunter is fun. I know right. XD

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Haha this one is a lot better


MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD - :spiral_calendar: February 26th | :stopwatch: 117 hours | :clipboard: 8/10

Today I finished MH:W story mode (no expansion included).

As a MH fan I was pleased when MH came to PC. It certainly isn’t my favorite one but I enjoyed it enough to continue with Iceborn expansion in the future.

Great looking game with great gameplay. Enriched with various weapons, armors and combat tactics make this game really good.

There can be some frustrations here and there but nothing serious.

Story is OK, as in every MH before.

I highly recommend it.

Personal score 8/10


I wish the update didn’t delete my save…

Damn. That’s why I’ll buy Iceborn in 6 months. Anyway I’m saving local backup of my save everytime.

I have this game on Steam, however do not have the Iceborn Expansion yet haven not played much or gotten far so I havent found a need for it just yet.

I sunk a decent amount of time in PS4 but started over on PC a little

Some day we will play together, after the other 40 games we keep buying for each other…


Meh, we will play animal crossing instead

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