Move Canceled.

Due to health concerns around where I am right now with my step father having major COPD issues, and my uncle with lung cancer I have decided not to move atleast for awhile untill either something happens here that forces my hand or things get better. Meanwhile, I am still planning to upgrade my pc as planned but in smaller amounts at a time. Case/Mobo/Ram/FansIf needed and I wont need a graphics card as someone has already said they would be giving me a RX 480 when they upgrade there card here in the next few months.

Reuse case and fans. Use the money for cpu.


Sell everything and buy PS4/XB1 and enjoy games. You’ll have enough extra money for everything else in life. \o/

katsuo No I prefer PC over Console personally… not that im against console or anything just personal prefrence.


shiftysatchmo Good plan will do.

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gorkie you can always move the parts into a new case later if you really want to