[Music] What are you currently listening to?


yeah, I just found out about the song and it’s so catchy. I love Skindred. Was on their concert long time ago and it was so good. I even found a girl that let me touch her boobs for free. FREE!!!


High women, my favourites


Best cover i ever heard



I generally only visit this section when I’m drunk. When I’m drunk I speak my mind. I used to be a big raver and I have to say this music is garbage. I’m dubbing it “Derp Step”. You can reproduce this music with a bag of coke and a stick to bang on the nearest thing. As for the DJ, if you have that much time to hold your arms up, you’re not earning your keep.


Do all their shows have orchestras?




As far as I know, that’s their only show with the orchestra. But they aren’t doing many shows in general. When an album is about to come out, they are doing tours and that’s about it.


I know that everyone is asking it already but…WHERE IS YUI?

Also, they are more like Adultmetal now haha


I was moreso thinking “where’d the 4th one come from?”.


Haha the other 2 that were in the background…these are dudes XD

Apparently Yui is sick and it’s not good. She might never come back to Babymetal.




It’s too bad the audio quality is poop : (


To old memes…


I know but this is the only existing recording of the event. I stupid watched it live on tv and never recorded it. :smiley:








We all know you’re really listening to Lucy Rose