[Music] What are you currently listening to?


I would never listen to my ex


I mean Lucy


How did you listen and not fall asleep?


I imagined the song was technical death metal and Lucy was actually George Fisher


I’m drunk but all caught up. Post more things!!!


holy shit lol, he’s still doing it lol:


lol is the mic working?


Say no to drugs. Our own hippy festival. And I miss it again. Who has 220 euros for 4-5 days? I need a better job…


I’m waiting for the part where the music actually changes into something less repetitive xD


It is always changing. You just need some magic to hear that other audio lane.


On the bright side, it’s not derp step.


Dubstep is far better than whatever that thing is IMO
I hate repetitive music :angry:


I love you :heart_eyes: World peace


I’m not talking about dubstep. I’m talking about derpstep (i gave it the name). That one dude posted a bunch of them over the months in this section. It’s where they do a bunch of coke and repeat that same singular unchanging sound for 40 minutes.




A quote from my drunk self lol


Same here. I only post here if I am drunk/high or both. Sorry if I spam or someone disapproves my weekends :smiley:


Keep spamming. I open every song and listen to it at least to the half anyway. SPAM FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE