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I’m trying to understand… I 'll wait for Mili to tell me what’s what:


Did they all die so this video exists? I’m a bit confused


Iwas drunker than i am now… dunno what i was on about…


My link has a google monkey, dunno what I was on about…


I think somehow this is relevant:




wtf lol


japanese eluveitie






I’ll never understand hunting culture in first world countries. We have grocery stores.



And they pump you full of poison. I would rather get cleaner leaner meat.


What poison? Sounds like a copout. Yes there’s bad food, but it’s up to the customer to not buy it. Just like there’s wildlife that will make you sick. Up to the hunter to not hunt it. Hunting in the first world, in a non-commercial sense, is a huge waste of time/resources/materials. If it would go away, a bunch of murders would go away too. 99% of first world citizens don’t need guns, yet have them. Then we wonder why angry people shoot people. It’s all so silly to me.


Steroids, antibiotics, hormones, anything from Masonto. I love those who want to ban guns, but don’t want to ban air plains/jets, cars, fire and other things that kill far more people in the first world environments. I don’t hunt anything that makes me sick, as a matter of fact I know of nothing that can make me sick. Monies made by hunting/fishing/trapping licenses and on all firearms and fishing equipment from a voluntary tax called the Pittman Robinson Act raises more money for conservation than all the anti’s like yourself do combined. If hunting was abolished you would see far more MVA involving deer and other wildlife. We do more for you than you will ever realize. As far as people hurting others with guns goes if you think making them illegal would make violence go down then you are a fool, criminals would have them and would know they would have free ranges on everybody because they could not protect themselves. Also millions own guns but only a few uses them illegally, you are just brainwashed by the liberal media.


Don’t you bundle me in with any of your murican labels. i’m speaking from pure logic. I have no horses in the race of “assault rifles vs less death” in that it happens so infrequently in my country due restrictions on death machines. No it’s not foolish to think banning death machines would lower death machine related death because less death machines equals less death machine related death. People with death machines just get a jolt of adrenaline when their shooty shooty bang bang does it’s shoots and bangs. They wanna keep doing it and thus they fight for it. Then coorporations get all stink eyed because guns make a ton of money so they invent networks like nra tv to snare in the morons.
A worthless fight, we have more important things to sort out on the planet. We have your steak and chicken at the store, you don’t need an assault rifle. Ever.