[Music] What are you currently listening to?


Your speaking from pure booze as always and your reply shows it. Go crawl back in your bottle dude.


So when logic fails you go to insults. Why not use logic?
If we have to agree to disagree, everyone can agree that some old fuck’s duck whistle isn’t music. On top of that, you can’t ride a normal bike. Therefore you can’t handle the recoil of a rifle. What horse do you have in the race of death machines for the sake of death machines?


You went for insults first, I went by your own self admitted truth. I find it to be sweet music even if you do not. (As do others) I fire a gun just fine, enjoy doing it too, thank you very much. I have no horse in the race of automobiles, funny you should ask. Nope, still can’t ride a normal bike but hope to get back there.


Alright. Stick your head in the sand. Ignore all logic. Try to reverse assertions without logical reason. I expected no less. You mistake insults for simply stating facts. It’s quite annoying, but given the world we live in it’s not unexpected. My acceptance of musical interpretation is broad, but piss off with the duck whistles in the music section.


You presented ZERO LOGIC at all, just a bunch of gibberish that has no basis in fact, only in your woozy pickled brain. Oh and by the way, it was a turkey call not a duck call. You really are the citizen that is putting the duh in Canaduh


I’m not doing this. I presented perfect and demonstrable examples and inferences. All you’ve said, distilled, is that you like guns and that you’re dismayed that others don’t. You’ve yet to explain why every fuckwit deserves a gun. You keep hoping I’m drunk in that you can just white wash everything with that. Just because you don’t understand what someone is saying, doesn’t automatically mean they’re drunk. You’ll have to provide an actual argument to change my mind as to why everyone should wield a death machine. You’ve yet to provide anything of substance in that regard.
I don’t give a fuck what animal the whistle is meant to incite, it’s still moronic in the first world.


You presented nothing. It is not up to me to say why everyone that is found fit to own a firearm should be able to, the Constitution did that for me. I have no problem with others not caring for firearms, my GF does not care for them. I care about people telling me that I can’t like them. Again with the cars, why should I tell you why people should have cars? This must be what you are talking about since they kill more people than guns yet everybody has them and you are not arguing to go back to horse and buggies. You are moronic in any world.


Done. You’re old and set in your ways. Die sooner than later and reproduce as little as possible. If you’re not going to present logic, than i’m no longer going to bother.
Also, no one has brought up cars. You just did though. A standard nra thing to say. Oooh my bad thing might be bad, but look over here at this unrelated bad thing. if that bad thing is bad, than my bad thing must not be bad. Piss off.

Also discontinue taging me in you’re annoying multiplatform giveaway threads. I mute all of them anyway.


Shh. I see you typing and i don’t care.


Hello! Andrew here. Can you guys take this to a private chat if you’d like to continue the discussion? The music people like is wayyyyyy up there now ^^^^.



Listen to meeeee. I don’t want to spend my Friday night deleting posts :smiley:


Shh. You’re not reachable. That’s ok. Let’s heed the satchmo. Yes?


Yes, heed me! I like it haha


Understood, won’t converse with the ignoramus any longer.



You guys failed to get dangerous



Quite possible the best song ever