[Music] What are you currently listening to?

These guys are getting good.

Video unavailable here…

Odd, I was drunk when I posted so I don’t remember which song it is lol.

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It was “Dana Dan” by Bloodywood.

Unavailable here too (Ukraine)
The preview was so promising, maybe because I was drunk too

Use a vpn I guess.

What’s a vpn?

Virtual Private Network. Encrypts all your internet traffic so your isp has no idea what you do. So you’re isp can’t sell your data nor can they restrict you from anything. Also allows you to appear as though you’re in a different location. Normally I stay connected to my own country to keep things as fast as possible, but when something is unviewable from canada, I connect to another country.

I joked so bad that feel ashamed that you had to type so much text.

I thought it odd you didn’t know given every youtuber under the sun is sponsored by a vpn provider. lol

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Still an amazing performance. Look at the gross faces he makes! He loves the guitar.

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Concert in 5 days :metal: :heart_eyes: