My fps going forward

I now have a Predator Z1 Z321QU (32inch, curved, 165hz, 1440p, gsync).

I will no longer be saying “I’m getting a solid [resolution]p[fps]”.

With gsync I won’t be using vsync unless the game exceeds 165fps at all times. I also won’t be returning ALL games that can’t provide 60 at all times. I’m not sure how low the hz can go with gsync, but that should sort out the stutter from low fps.

I only wish it could stop micro-stutters so I wouldn’t have to return most denuvo games.

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Gsync / Freesync are the best things to happen to gaming. I have a 1440p 144hz monitor with Freesync and it is amazing.

Congrats in the upgrade!


Finally xD

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unless it’s a solid 1440p165 lol