My little GamingExodus christmas event

Hello together, since it’s getting cold outside and Christmas is about to start I decided to do a little giveaway for you guys :wink:
The giveaway will have four rounds, start is today, the second and third round will start on the next Sundays and the final round will start on the 24./25. or 26. … depending when I will have the time to start it and run for 24h.
And here is how it works:

Are there any requirements I have to meet before I can join?
Yes there are some requirements …

  • You need an account which is registered at least a week before this giveaway starts (If you haven’t created an account yet you can do it today and join next week)
  • You need a neutral / positive reputation
  • You need at least 3 real posts, posts in other giveaways doesn’t count

How can I join?

  • To join the first round of this giveaway, just tell us your story how you found your way to this awesome forum.

How long will I be able to join the first round of the giveaway?

  • The first round of the giveaway will run from today to next Saturday (10.12.2016)

What can you win?
For today the winner can choose one of the following games:

  • Battlefield 1 (Origin)
  • Titanfall 2 (Origin)
  • Fifa 17 (Origin)
  • Watchdogs 2 (Uplay)
  • The Division (Uplay)
  • Steep (Uplay)
  • The Dwarves (Steam)
  • Farming Simulator 2017 (Steam)
  • Civilization VI (Steam)
  • Overwatch (BattleNet)
  • Diablo 3 Battlechest (Diablo 3 + Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls) (BattleNet)
  • StarCraft 2: The Complete Trilogy (StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty + StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm + StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void) (BattleNet)

So good luck to all of you and happy Gaming!

Nice giveaway Kai.

Well my story is like many others story here, I came from “That other site” when problems arose there and I needed a change from all the stuff going on there.

It is nice to see this site grow and see that generosity is something that also migrated when we all came here, we have a pretty good group of members here.

Now all that said I don’t know if I will qualify to win or not, I will be going out of state for a month and will have no internet connection so I won’t be able to claim if I do win until I return. If that is okay and I do win I would very much like Titan Fall 2 please.

Thanks again for the opportunity and good luck everyone.


Kai coming through with the awesomeness :smiley:

Games are one of those things I can’t get ahold of and actually haven’t bought anything since Overwatch came out so I will have a go.

I found this site when a select few members banded together and made a Facebook page after some people got banned. teh_g then opened up this lovely forum out of his own pocket and has been so gracious to keep things running smoothly and I have been here ever since. The reason I have stayed is it is nice to be a part of a place where I know I can come post as ofter or little as I like and still feel like I am amongst friends. I have my own sections for my reviews which is also great though even without that, I would still be here. I’m not a big poster anywhere, be it Facebook or forums etc, but I do check here multiple times a day to keep up with what is going on and try to help out in any small way I can.



Wow…those are some great games…#respect…you are best as ever :slight_smile:

anyway my story was after you guys left GT and came here…after couple of days tbh i started to miss many of you…and gt wasnt like before it used to be after u guys left that place…and after “that particular event”,maybe right after 2-3 days we were having EID (biggest muslim festival)…so i gave a post in GT and wished all of my buddies there…but “legend” Angel removed that post and said “mehran remember not to post religious sentimants on GT” wtf ??? after that i wanted to say him some stuff but tbh i have lost my words…so yeah after that i left :3 and join here regularly

original post :3

tbh i would love to have “bf1” but my pc is not ready for that…so if anybody not interested in “overwatch” then i will love to have it…cause for few days some of my close buddies are playing that game and i wanted to join them…so yeah :slight_smile:


I came for the friends and you are awesome as always mate massive respect


Holy awesome Kai. That is just plain cool. And as for how I found my way here. I was with one of the several that were locked out of GT at the same time and a couple of the people decided to just make their own site and not wanting to miss out on a better site I came with at the beginning of GEx :slight_smile: Have a great one Kai.


Year 2137. The humanity once again failed to protect planet Earth. A large colony of Nonsense troops invaded planet Earth in order to kill every human on Earth and claim the planet for themselves. Humans were forced to run away through the portal to another planet but the problem was that they didn’t know where would they land and the portal is only made for one way trip.
Not many have survived and very few were teleported to a new planet called Eww_23.45. A planet that is extremely dangerous because the planet was packed with extremely dangerous species called Gamers. These Gamers are humanoid, robotic creatures that are homotrollolopinazied, which means that they didn’t give a crap about any other species other than themselves. They don’t eat, they are extremely allergic to dust and you could tell who their boss is by their custom loop system which was connected from their rectum to their ears. Humans called that system Thermaltake cooling system.
Luckily, the Earth survivors were landed on the other side of the planet which was somewhat safe.

Humans established a base there and with time, that base looked more like of a city and because of that, they named the city Playstation and the citizens were called Console Gamers.
At first, the life there for Console Gamers was easy. They had enough resources to survive for everyone in the city. Until the Great revolution that happened 25 years after their landing on planet Eww. Namely, the Gamers saw that their planet changed and decided to scout out the other side of the planet. Gamers saw that their planet has been inhabited with species that looked a lot of like them. They also saw that the Console Gamers had no tech power to defend themselves. With that in mind, they decided to make a powerful 144Hz shot weapon that was enough powerful to eliminate a city similar to Earth’s Tokyo in a heartbeat. They called that weapon “4k60fps” with Crossfire ability which would increase the power to whooping 144fps.
They were also smart. They didn’t want to go all out without a plan. Gamers decided to make a small diversion to keep the Console Gamers’ troops occupied while the “4k60fps” is rendering to shoot. The diversion mission was called “Gaming Exodus”. They used a simple tactic that would make the Console Gamers completely confused. They used a small programming interface weapon called DirectX. With that weapon they were shooting “Half-Life” bullets that, as the name says, halved their lives permanently.

The attack started stupidly early in the morning. The diversion caught the Console Gamers’ troops unprepared and they killed half of them and half of them were kept alive. The battle was quick and efficient and the Console Gamers couldn’t stand a chance against mighty Gamers that were eliminating the big Playstation city with their “4k60fps”. An hour later, most of the citizens surrendered and gave up from their city and they were all imprisoned in the big Gamers’ city called Steam. The Gamers’ leader Gaben, decided to make a deal with the Console Gamers. Either they will be teleported back to planet Earth and face the Nonsense troops or they will convert to Gamers and work with them with a discount on their paychecks that comes usually at great Winter Sale.
Console Gamers of course accepted the second option and they decided to convert to Gamers and live a robotized life forever.
Console Gamers were once again beaten.

P.S. I found GX because I smelled free games here from Bosnia so I decided to use my tactic and leech all the games I can from GXs members. The scent of games is just too stronk on GX.


Katsuo bhahahahahaahah…well said !!

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Katsuo Pretty useless bullets to fight with, you can’t even kill with it :smiley:

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Holy guacamole! I came here because I wanted to talk about games and tech in a stress free kind of place. teh_g asked me to help moderate and it has been extremely easy because you are all great people!

Having never played a Diablo game (I know, I know), I’d probably go for that battle chest. I’ve heard good things XD


Kai, as always you’re an incredibly generous dude. I came to GX after my son Geran (that’s a joke) gave birth to this site. Andrew, Geran, Nick, and I have known each other for many years and we have an ongoing G chat. We suspected things were coming to an end at the other site and Geran lead the charge for GX and was nice enough to let each of us have input. I wish I had more time to contribute here but my life has been insanely busy.

As a side note, we had a FB group for a few years but it died because there weren’t enough awesome people interacting which is why we are so grateful for all of you!


You crazy awesome man. What a giveaway. :smiley:

As big majority of the great people here, I was fed up with the crap served to some of them on The Site That I Won’t Mention. The same they tried to serve me too.
So that’s why I’m here, enjoying great time with this great community. I would go for Civilization VI as I’m fan of the series. :thumbsup_tone1:


Zmajuga it’s really good

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I was in June or July that i went for a short holiday in southern france and said so on the Social media i favoured for quite some time. And i left with with the words: “Please do not BURN this place to the ground, i want to have something to come back to…”
So i went to France, had an amazing trip, full of sunshine, good food and culture.
And when i came home i logged myself in that place to find out, it just had become a smoking, utterly destroyed, stinking and dark shithole…
I thought to myself: if this could happen in a week, this site must be operated by morons. Turns out it was even worse then that, as it is operated by americans believing in capitalism … And they made new rules away from being open minded to “Vote for Trump or get your profile deleted” and don´t post boobs or girls in short skirts, but posing with Assault Rifles on your profile pics is fully okay.
So i stayed in contact with the open minded “rebels” that “caused” that mess. And i believe it was Geran who kinda had the Idea of putting up a forum, so everybody could stay in contact etc. without the need of Steam or that other Social Media(capitalist venture full of adverts)Site.
And here i am, sometimes i do wonder what this Final Fantasy is, but hey i am open minded enough to tolerate all those plebs. This now my new living/lurking Room :wink:
That is how i came.
Merry Christmas

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MeFFFlenn close! It was Todd’s idea Spinalfailed but geran executed it.

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ShiftySatchmo But Todd left us for no reason, so Geran had the idea of staying :wink:

Cool guy Kai strikes again! I have all the games I need so I won’t participate. Good luck and major respect to Kai!


I was banned from the other side for standing up for people I consider “friends”, and speaking my mind.

There was no temporary ban, there was no private message from someone that actually had power, I was just banned and threatened with legal action. Just like a fair number of us here.

The only thing I miss about that place is the ability to enter into another giveaway. I enter every and all giveaways I can find for PC parts and the like but in many many years I have yet to win, and with the loss of that entry my odds dipped. :slight_smile:

I want to thank everyone here for being here, be it by your own choice (not banned there) or those like myself that decided we should stay together in a better place (thanks Todd for the idea and Geren for the work, and Andrew for moderating this unruly bunch, and anyone else that had anything to do with the startup.

Kai, this is a great giveaway and if I were to win I would have a hard time choosing a game, but I would. :smiley: Thank you for your generosity.


First off Thanks PeaceLeon for instigating a huge dose of Xmas spirit into the place. Fun times & reading everyone’s responses above (& those that follow) is really cool.

I came here at the same exodus event that has been alluded to in other posts. Unlike most I wasn’t intimately associated with the awful, vile perpetrators of the collapse of a once great empire… instead I latched on & leeched myself here once the dust settled. The reason being that overnight my news feed had been decimated & the majority of the posters that I had genuinely enjoyed interacting with & reading had been digitally vaporised. I knew i through FB some of the peopel here & they’d mentioned how to get here. I followed the breadcrumbs & arrived at the glowing gaming Nirvana of GEx.

I enjoy the forum for it’s open nature & the fact there is so much intelligent & funny dialog happening here.

Another thanks to teh_g for the forum & ShiftySatchmo for being a supreme ninja-mod (unseen but highly efficient).


BamBam said in My little GamingExodus christmas event:

Cool guy Kai strikes again! I have all the games I need so I won’t participate. Good luck and major respect to Kai!

I always forget that you’re there lurking in the shadows XD