My Rocket League Update!

I finally reached Diamond! All that’s left is Champion & Grand Champion! Andddd I don’t even have a team, just pick up with randoms! I will get to Grand Championnnnn!

Also, found a cool website that tracks all RL stats. Here are mine, and I’m actually really happy about them. Pretty balanced!


sYnCroSis You sir are killing it at that game.

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damn +____+

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congrats :slight_smile:

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Do you play with a controller or keyboard ?

You sure play a lot

Arsononion controller

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ShiftySatchmo have to for many reasons. If you stop after a week or two, they start your rank over so you have to stay active. The more you play the better you get - I have 600 hours in it and am still learning things. It’s such an easy pick up and play game. If I only have 30 minutes I can squeeze in a bunch of matches. Many other reasons, most of all, I’m having fun!

sYnCroSis you don’t have to defend it. I was just making an observation haha

ShiftySatchmo I have to in my mind, 600 hours is a lot of my life hahah

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Ayyy I have also spent a lot of hours into a League game. This is only 2 of my 7 accounts. XD
Congratz on your rank up. REFLECT BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND

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Ready to become a champion. :smiley:

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Zmajuga I hope! so far so good today


ShiftySatchmo Don’t steal my quote I’ve been repeating to you all E3!

sYnCroSis play rocket league 2 already sheesh

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