Name changin' on Steam vs. RP

Hey, just wanted to alert you guys that I may switch my steam display name to Pkatt for a while, instead of Polekatt. Its still meeeeee!

Do like me, and put your own nicknames beside your friends, so you remember who they are when they change those display names.

But, main reasoning is, I’m really getting into playing Conan Exiles on an RP server. Like Black Desert, and some other games, they insist on having your steam or account name under your character names. Its quite alright in a FPS setting, or non RP. But in RP, it irks me, because the word Polekatt under my character name just looks funny unless I’m playing a character that would fit with. (which in this case, I am not) At least with Pkatt, I can pull that off as almost like a surname, or people don’t associate the meaning with anything automatically.

just letting you know!