Need a cheap (but dependable) router

This about the cheapest thing I can find, that I think I’d trust.

Anyone else have any other suggestions, I wouldn’t mind hearing.

I don’t need wireless, and I’m not concerned with speed.

I’m looking for something to put in a classroom lectern, that can just give an IP address to two devices, and let them communicate to each other. (basically an alternative to an RS232 port)

TP-Link makes pretty nice products. If you want just wired, check out something like this:

You need it to assign out IPs or are you plugging it into an existing network and just need extra ports?

I only need it to assign out IPs, and only need two ports. lol

That netgear one I linked on amazon is only $21, thats the cheapest one I could find, from a brand that I trusted.

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Routers are like women my friend, they are either cheap or dependable, but never both.

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