Need help with PS & WMI query scripting

I need someone with knowledge of PowerShell programming/ scripting and WMI query … I’m working on a project for my self … in short Creating a WinPE 5.x boot image with PowerShell GUI … but i have problem how to incorporate some of WMI query in that GUI …

here is example …

I would like to learn more about WMI query and how to integrate them in PS GUI , so any good tutorials or how to is much appreciated, or any kind of idea where to find useful knowledge … of course I will share my final product with you :slight_smile: for free

Is this in Klingon? xD


Adnan_Popara nope but something that can make your damn windows installation very simple and fast XD

check image and tell me what do you like more type damn commands

or press button :slight_smile: like a boss XD

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Mark2K77 genijalno!