Need Info - Thinking of Buying Witcher 3 + DLC on sale, will it upgrade to the GOTY Edition?

As witcher 3 + DLC is on sale on steam. i am thinking to buy full version as i havent played this one before( so no save issues).
but as the goty edition is coming out on month end, will this be upgraded to GOTY or shall i wait and get the GOTY edition.

dark_lord If you want GOTYE youll want to wait, haven’t seen a single game with all DLC bought goto GOTYE.

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I believe they’ve already said that the GotYE will not be compatible with the base/current game.

The GOTY Edition will come with enhanced graphics, some added feature and won’t be compatible with the old version of the game. Better wait for the GOTY edition. But then again, the current sale is tempting as hell. I would get the standard version while the sale is hot. And then, someday, in a distant future, I’d get the GOTY version.

Interesting, in the past they have given the “Enhanced Edition” upgrades for free.

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Not really sure from where you heard of the Enhaced Graphics… because nobody, not Even CD Project Red mention them anywhere. And even if there are some, they cannot be that big, otherwise the game needs alot of Optimisation again. So Normal + DLC will have all the Content you want and i haven´t heard it is ugly or dated in the not GOTY Version either.

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MeFFFlenn Their official Facebook page mentioned it. You have Facebook so check it there. I said enhanced not completely overhauled visuals lol
They probably did some small tweaks here and there regarding visuals and that’s all.

Katsuo Here the Official Forum:

There has been some confusion regarding save game compatibility between the Game of the Year and regular editions. We hope the below will clear things up!

First off, so that everyone is on the same page, the Game of The Year Edition contains:

• The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
• The Hearts of Stone Expansion
• The Blood and Wine Expansion
• 16 free DLCs
• An update with various fixes and improvements (just a regular patch that will also be available for everyone who has the base game – it will be published once the GOTY Edition goes live)

The GOTY Edition does not include any additional unpublished content, so if you have the base game and the expansions, you technically have the GOTY Edition already.

MeFFFlenn Good. You won! I read it on Facebook where they stated what will the GOTY edition contain and they told us that they will enhance the visuals a bit. That’s allllll

Katsuo As far as I know the problem with the save games only goes with the console version of the game since the games are isolated on the consoles so it is not possible to copy the saves from the old version to the new one. For PC it should be possible to load the save games from the ‘old’ version with the GOTY edition.

dark_lord If you get the basic game + the two DLCs / Season Pass you will have the same as the GOTY edition. You could be lucky that the GOTY edition will be cheaper than the normal game + season pass but since you can already now get nice discounts for the game I wouldn’t bet on that.


i bought the game + season pass making it complete edition. will see what steam does on release of goty edition.
steam refund system is there too in case of emergency xD


dark_lord Who cares if it will be called by Steam in the end GOTY edition or not. The content will be the same :wink:


PeaceLeon Yeah, you are right. The save files problem only goes for consoles.

So I don’t believe that the GotYE will be an Enhanced Edition as such. I don’t see CDPR making that much of slap in the face to their customer base.

Instead you’ll get the base game & the expansion DLCs as well as everything that you get by taking the free DLC package on the core game.

It’s a cheaper all-in-one pack for those that want but don’t own the game yet. If you only own the core game it’s a close run thing as to whether or not it’s worth the full upgrade cost.

I think the price of the current expansions on Steam & GoG make the expansion pass the better option for me… except I REALLY want the physical Gwent decks that come with the physical copies… but who knows maybe they’ll release those when they launch the Gwent standalone?

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I wish they release a standalone game where you play as Ciri.

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dark_lord Have Fun! :slight_smile:

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I’ve been waiting patiently on the GoTY version. I figure it will go on a sale that will match the current one at some point.